The Assessment and Testing Unit of Ekbatan Group the executive and consultant in providing engineering services in the field of technical inspection of weld and welding processes, non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection of welding in steel structures (building, niches, etc.), pipelines, reservoirs and joint engineering services, has begun its activities with the cooperation of well experienced and skillful experts, and the use of the latest information and technologies in this field, with the purpose of developing and upgrading the level of services, implementation, consultation and technical inspection.

  • Promoting customer’s satisfaction in line with laws, regulations, standards and other quality requirements
  • Improving the efficiency of company activities in technical consulting and inspections
  • Promoting the Educational and investigative capabilities of the company’s work forces in technical consulting and inspections
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of company services and participation in international projects and markets

Increasing the expertise and technical knowledge of the managing board and key personnel in the technical fields, especially in areas related to the integrated management system, is one of the goals of this company.


The Assessment and Testing Unit of Ekbatan Group was established by the efforts of a team of engineers and technical specialists. This unit is active in the designation, consultancy, implementation, supervision, inspection and management of industrial and construction projects. Employing technical and experienced experts and the engineers of the elite and creative, together with excellent utilization of computer software, have provided unique capabilities for the company. The company is divided into three departments:

  1. Technical-Engineering
  2. Inspection and consultancy
  3. Education and Research