Engineer Arshia Safai (Founder / Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer)

Engineer Ramin Ali Panahi (Vice Chairman of the Board)

Mohammad Ali Panahi (Chairman of the Board)

Leyla Ali Panahi (Board of Directors)

Mohammad Ali Panahi (Director of Surveying Unit)

Engineer Amir Mohammadpour (Mapping Expert)

Nima Rahimi (Mapping Expert)

Mr. Karami (Mapping expert)

Leyla Ali Panahi (Account Manager)

Asghar Baqumnash (Accountant)

Encyclopedia (Accountant)

Safar Ali Khorsandi (contracting authority)

Bahman Alizadeh (Executive Expert)

Sharif Wand (Architectural Designer)

Quality Engineer (annotation)

Alireza Khoshmand (Specialist in structural design)

Awesome Emotion (Expert / Component Structures)

Dr. Amir Nouri (Unit Manager Lab)

Arjang Hamedkhah (expert in mechanic and concrete experiments)

Hamid Niyazi (drilling and sampling)

Ekbatan introducing members