What is your definition of the company’s current status?

Since its establishment, Ekbatan has succeeded in gaining new knowledge in the realization of innovative methods through its efficient and effective experience in implementing civil projects.

The passage of time has made these growth and development areas more productive along with criteria of cost, time and quality. For achieving these goals in suitable organizational structure, Ekbatan Corporation has created QHSE infrastructures and innovative systems of project control through qualified human resources equipped with modern technologies.

As the work procedures improve, agility of the organization has also been increased in which by creating common prospects with stakeholders, it could gradually be promoted to a learning organization. On the other hand, by obtaining various certifications of Quality Assurance from international institutions, it could provide the conditions by frequent assessing of which public assurance could be achieved.


What is your purpose in stablishing the Ekbatan Corporation?

Since Ekbatan Corp. was stablished in 2016, we have believed strongly in providing any astonishing engineering service with day-to-day improving quality is only possible through comprehensive studies, accurate design and quality engineering services. To do so, the concentration of efforts has been based on commitment to quality and accuracy in the form of a multidimensional engineering problem-solving solution. Our perspective has been evolved by taking little but safe and wise steps. We believe that clients’ problems and concerns are also our own. In order to equip ourselves for solving all professional concerns of the clients which might not be limited only to technical issues, our solution would be to gather a team of skilled and experienced experts, adopt proved technologies and engineering solutions, utilize the most innovative and instructions, national and international standards, consult and collaborate with domestic or foreign institutions in special cases and to be benefited from our membership and participation in credible national and international associations. In order to keep our capabilities up-to-date, research, development and training affairs were integrated in our company and good and reliable communication with academic and research institutions through direct communication, recruiting researchers and scientists for specific cases, and holding training courses for our staff in different levels and expertise were stablished. Implementing a collaborative approach to solving a problem is inseparable from our professional background. Searching for collaborative approach for solving the problem is inseparable part of our professional background. In this regard, we have succeeded in establishing sound, robust and reliable mechanisms for inclusion of concerns of stakeholder in all of our engineering affairs and services. Ekbatan Corporations, with increasing commitment to high standards and ethical ethics, have become a prominent and confident name among Iranian engineering companies, which has been active effectively in several national research projects in Iran. Today, we proudly announce that we are fully prepared and eager to enter the international markets to provide employers and more communities with our good quality services and help them achieve their goals.


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