Perform geotechnical tests and land surveys before the implementation and sampling of concrete from columns and roof during implementation of the project of residential complex with an area of ​340 square meters and 12 floors in Golshahr (Band) -Armieh

There are many issues in the field of soil and stone engineering in the field of engineering, where their understanding and development requires access to a series of theoretical and experimental information, but precise and accurate, that this information is derived from geotechnical studies. Since the earth and earth environments at each point and in the universe, due to different conditions, have their own characteristics, it is imperative that empirically determine the desired properties for each environment to be investigated. This empirical study may be in the form of laboratory tests or, on a larger scale, field trials. Field surveys and laboratory tests are completely interrelated, and the main field of field surveys is sampling and identifying samples. Another important part of the report usually includes a description of the results and the extent to which the results are close to the objectives of the project. In this section, there are some explanations about the cause of the approximation, the errors and problems that exist, the actual or suggested reasons for the outcomes and Unusual, recommendations are made to improve the accuracy of the measurement and suggestions for modification in the method of operation by Ekbatan’s unit of measurement and testing.

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