Geotechnical studies of Khosrowbeig project for the Bureau of Civil Development of the Endowments of the Country with an area of ​​54,000 square meters

 Geotechnical studies of the development of petrochemical plant in Urmia

 Geotechnical studies of Rightel Company towers in West Azarbaijan province

 Cooperation with the General Directorate of the Standard Organization of West Azerbaijan Province in the field of testing the construction materials (concrete – sand – gravel – brick – joist – block and …)

 Cooperation in prepration of national standards for construction materials

 Technical consultant for ready-made concrete units

 Technical Consultant for Sand Production Units

 Presentation of concrete mixing plan to standardized units

 White Tower Commercial Project

 Urmia Aerial lift

 Transmission of high pressure towers from Orumieh to Bonab (still in progress)

 The Rosetta Commercial Project

 Mehr Housing project at Golmankhaneh

 Mehr Housing project at Golshahr

 International Hotel Project at district of Band village

 Mehr Housing project at Khoy and Chaldoran

 City Center Project in Sero city

 Geotechnical studies of the Silolana Tourism Hotel Project

 Geotechnical studies of more than 150 projects of residential buildings in the West Azarbaijan province

 Concrete sampling for more than 300 projects in West Azarbayjan