The provision of various building regulations and standards in recent decades indicates the importance of the construction industry. Iran’s seismicity and many problems caused by natural disasters are important factors that draw our attention to the fact that we move from traditional construction to industrial and scientific construction. This movement has started in recent years and is being pursued more seriously. One of the main motivators of this movement is the provision of appropriate education and training of professional work force. In this way, it is helpful to use appropriate reference books and analysis and design software.
The Ekbatan Department of Education was established with the aim of providing practical books related to civil engineering and producing structure-engineering software inside the country. Publishing several books in the first year and consulting with expert professors led us to achieve valuable experiences for printing next collections. One of the important points that we pay attention to is the provision of appropriate scientific books in such a way that to make learning process easier than before and also to be at the level of the standards of the printing industry. Other activities of this group is producing softwares which are in accordance with the domestic standards of the country. Ekbatan is at the beginning of its way, and there is no end for it. In this way, we would like to take advantage of your constructive comments, suggestions and criticisms in order to get closer to the main goal by overcoming our shortcomings. Also, the Ekbatan Educational Group invites writers who are able to provide specialized civil engineering textbooks to collaborate on present their scientific knowledge to everyone.
The website of Ekbatan Education Group, is to reflect the performance of this group so you can communicate better with us. Also, our addresses in social networks are ready to receive comments, suggestions and criticisms about the performance of Ekbatan Education Department and its products.

(Arshia Safaei (ceo of EKBATAN group companies