Manager’s statements
The Ekbatan Research and Development Institute, established in the 1990s on the basis of the trust of the unique God and the fundamental social and professional values for the purpose of developing the civilization and fulfilling the missions and transcendental goals of this field, has been able to provide a widespread service to the engineering community and all activists in this field, including the private sector and executive agancies while creating new scientific research and developmental influences.
The main missions of Ekbatan:
1. Improving engineering services and increasing the safety factor of structures and thus maximizing the health of the compatriots.
2-Developing the productivity in the management of civil and construction projects and, as a result, reducing the waste of national resources.
3. Fostering human capital of the building industry at all levels and professional fields, as well as refining the viewpoint of human resources structure of organizations.
4. Updating academic knowledge as well as skills of the university graduates in the fields related to building industry proportional to the needs of the day.
5. Reducing the rate of unemployment and facilitating the employment or providing suitable job opportunities for graduates
6. Assessing the professional competencies of qualified specialists and labors for employers
8. Improving vitality, motivation and professional ethics among professional practitioners
9. Improving the quality standards of the construction industry
10. Developing entrepreneurship and boosting the country’s economy through nurturing national and international entrepreneurs and providing groundwork for exporting engineering services.
The most prominent features of the Ekbatan Educational Group as the interconnection between the industry and the university, which contribute to the sustainability and growing trend of the Institute’s activities, are as the following:
:: Goal and continuity of movement in the direction of values, missions and organizational plans
:: Qualitative and research-based approach
:: Existence of professional concerns to meet the real needs of industry and society based on future studies.
:: serving healthy and extensive communications network with industry leaders and elites
:: Optimal utilization of knowledge, equipment and technologies of the day

Fortunately, the services of this group, which are growing in quantity and quality each year, have been well received by the audience, to the extent that, with the support of the Lord of the series of Ekbatan companies, it is now a reputable and valid brand for the professionals and training courses of this center is highly valued in construction industry.
While looking straight forward to achieve even more successes, we hope to provide the basis for flourishing professional talents and the prosperity of the country’s engineering community more than ever.
With gratitude
Arsha Safaee
Founder and CEO of Ekbatan Corporation

Ekbatan measurement and testing group Manager’s statements