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Geotechnical and concrete testing of Golshahr (Band) -Urmia

Perform geotechnical tests and land surveys before the implementation and sampling of concrete from columns and roof during implementation of the project of residential complex with an area of ​340 square meters and 12 floors in Golshahr (Band) -Armieh There a..

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Geotechnical tests of a Residential Complex of Amin St-Urmia

There are many issues in the field of soil and stone behavior in the field of engineering, where their understanding and development requires access to a series of theoretical and experimental information and, moreover, accurate and confident that this..

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Inspection of welding PT Urmia Technical Students

PT Inspection welding and assembling parts on pages Technical students to take part in Olympiad Many buildings are not subject to welding inspections because some of the executives do not have the information on boiling inspections and after completing..

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