Surveying for preparing an executive plan-conductor plan

Surveying 23 km of rural interior space to prepare an executive plan for conducting a village guild project — Central District The mapping of the rural area is in accordance with the preliminary map for other areas. During this stage, after the..

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Surveying the excavation rate of the river in the village of B … / Sumay Bradost / Urmia

surveying the volume of drilling of the river route So far, various processes for designing the environment and landscape have been introduced by experts in the field of implementation of an environmental and landscape project, one of which is the tile..

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Initial surveying of the village bridge … / Central / Urmia

Initial surveying of the village bridge In popular culture, from ancient times, Alayam has been synonymous with planning with planning. The map is always prerequisite and comes with planning and hence, from the beginning of each project, survey and mapping..

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