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Design and construction of a villa/Urmia-Imamzadeh village

Design and construction of a 48 m² two-story villa located in the village of Imam Zadeh-Central District Execution of RUSTIC-style external architecture and MODERNASION interior design with local interests and instilling a sense of modern nature A special ..

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Build the stone canal in the village of Ler … / Central / Urmia

Build 83 meters length of the stone canal has been executed that has a wall thickness of 0.7 meters and an average height of 1.7 meters. It is executed in the form of Chinese carcasses with cement sand mortar with a width of 4 meters and a thickness of..

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Scheduling during conduction of the guideline Village of Ash … / Central / Urmia

The project of the channel with a 30 * 50 table. The total length of the 1000-meter project has a proper slope and with the observance of the road’s privacy. Using the M.SProject software and timely management, all pre-project items are estimated..

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